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* How can I register my new referrals into Tone Excel system?

Fill in the official Tone Excel registration form and: -
  • Submit to your service center; or
  • Submit to branch; or
  • Submit to Tone Excel office
Please fill the form clearly and ensure the form is properly signed and the referrer ID & NRIC / Passport # have been filled.

* How do I check my network and statement?
  • Goto
  • Key in the username (your NRIC / Passport #) and password.
  • You can check your network in "View Genealogy (Uni Level)".
  • You can check your income statement in "Statement".

* Can I update my information (profile, bank info, beneficiary and password) in Tone Excel system?

Yes you can.
  • Goto
  • Key in the username (your NRIC / Passport #) and password.
  • You can update your profile in "Edit Profile".
  • You can update your bank info in "Edit Bank Info".
  • You can update your beneficiary info in "Edit Beneficiary Info".
  • You can change your password in "Change Password".
* Is "Credit Transfer" consider as TopUp?

No. You can transfer credit to any subscribers of TuneTalk, however it will not be considered as topup. Therefore percentage commissions will not be calculated.

* Why I did not get my commissions?

There are 4 reasons why you did not get your commissions: -
  • You may not fulfill the minimum monthly commitment of RM20.
  • Your total commissions is less than RM30.
  • Your TuneTalk mobile service has expired hence so is your Tone Excel account.
  • Your bank account information is not complete. Please update.
* How come my Fast Track Bonus is not captured?

Your newly referral(s) have not made the first phone call out / sms out. Please make sure that your referral(s) to do so.

* What do I do if I lost my Tone Excel Sim Card or faulty?
  • Make a report to Tune Talk Customer Care at 13100.
  • Go to your servicing center or branch and buy a new replacement sim.
  • Call Tune Talk Customer Care and give them your new sim serial number.
  • Charges for new Replacement sim is RM10.
  • Make a report to Tone Excel so that your SIM serial number will be updated in our system for your monthly incentives.

* How do I check my account balance?

Just dial *133# and press SEND.

* How do I top up my account?

You can purchase topup from these locations.

Press *122*<16 digit topup PIN># and press SEND.

* Who do I contact if I have technical issues with my service?

You can contact TuneTalk Customer Service by dialing 13100 or 03-79490000. You will get immediate assistance from 9.00a.m to 9.00p.m.

Provide these information: -
  • Sim Card number (stated behind your sim card)
  • NRIC / Passport #
  • Name
  • Mobile No.

* Can I retain my existing number from other network?

Yes. It is called Mobile Number Portability (MNP), also know as Port-In.

You can do it yourself or you can ask your service center or branch to do it.

* Why does my MNP got rejected?

3 possibilities for port-in rejected
  • Not under prepaid account.
  • Information (Name) registered for two service providers not match.
  • NRIC / Passport registered in TuneTalk and port-in not match.
Steps are below: -
  • Go to current service providers (i.e. Maxis, Digi, Celcom).
  • Ask to check and confirm the IC number and name registered.
  • Feedback to Tone Excel to re process back after your detail are corrected.

* What do I if I cannot receive calls or make calls?

You can do attempt these steps first: -
  • Go to phone setting.
  • Select network setting.
  • Choose network selection "MANUAL".
  • Search network and choose other than your current service provider (i.e. Maxis, Digi) until your phone line show "EMERGENCY CALL.".
  • Try again and choose My Celcom or Tune Talk.
  • Clear all call list.
  • Off mobile phone and on after 15 minutes.
  • Try to make call.
  • If still cannot please call TuneTalk Customer Service at 03-79490000.

* What do I if I cannot receive SMS or SMS out?

You can do attempt these steps first: -
  • Go to message setting.
  • Choose text message.
  • Find Service centre number and key-in (+6019 3900045) / change APN.
  • Clear all call list / history.
  • Off mobile phone and on after 15 minutes.
  • Try to get message from others network and try to send message.
  • If still cannot please call TuneTalk Customer service at 03-79490000.

* Can I activate my GPRS?

Yes you can. Please follow these steps.

Automated configuration
Send "SET" (without quotes) to 20999. You should receive a message in less than 5 minutes. Please SAVE the message.

Manual configuration
Go to your mobile phone's data configuration menu and enter the following: -
APN : tune talk
Username : No username. Leave it BLANK
Password : No password. Leave it BLANK
Gateway :

* How do I activate my TuneTalk SelfCare account?

You can activate or reset TuneTalk SelfCare account by following these steps.
  • Insert your SIM card to your mobile phone.
  • Reload you voucher and try to make call or SMS to your friends.
  • Go to Tune Talk self care website:
  • Sign up for a new subscriber and click at the forgot password as a first time log in.
  • Enter your NRIC / Passport # and TuneTalk mobile number.
  • Click reset password or Log In.
  • You should receive your temporary password shortly to log into the Tune Talk Self care account.
  • Members who already sign up can use existing self care users and proceed.
  • Once successfully log in you will be able to change the password.
  • Any problems or enquiries should email or talk to Customer Service at 03-79490000.

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